Cover Reveal! My new novel, A Bitch for God

Thank you to David Colon for creating the cover for my newest novel, something he managed to do without infringing on the copyright of a very popular toy.  And a toy it is, one that may not be able to predict the future but can reveal the contents of a player’s mind, both conscious and unconscious. 

As usual, I considered a few different titles which included Fame Whore, Fame Whores and the lengthy A Bitch for God or Fame Whores of Hollywood Babylon.  This novel is a total departure from my Antasy series and is set in Los Angeles in 1989 at the peak of the AIDS crisis. It does include my favorite themes about the misuses of religion and depicts, once again, how things go wrong when the followers in a cult surrender their autonomy to a charismatic leader.  

The book will be available as a Kindle and as a paperback on 8/22/23. The Kindle is available for  pre-sale now.

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A Bitch for God will be available at Amazon August 22, 2023
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